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Head Instructor - Andy Rojo Trained in Martial Arts since 2012 Second Degree Black Belt Level 1 USKMA Krav Maga Instructor. Amateur Muay Thai fighter Trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Runs the 360 Fitness Kickboxing Class. Mr. Rojo got involved with training after his son began training at 360 Defense Martial Arts. Now his whole family trains, and he began teaching kids classes in 2016. Parents and kids really enjoy Mr. Rojo's classes, and his work ethic helps him lead his classes by example. His specialties are sparring, fitness, and hair care.

Instructor - Sal D'Angelo Trained in Martial Arts since 2017 First Degree Black Belt Mr. Sal instructs both kids and adult classes, and is in charge of the 360 Leadership Program. Mr. Sal is a ninja-course fanatic and loves bandanas of various colors. He is not afraid to sing karaoke.

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