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Students are provided with a desk, chair, and shelving unit. In some halls the desk and shelves are movable and some are stationary.

Each room is provided with a microfridge which has a microwave, fridge and actual freezer so no need to bring your own.

No need to go home to deal with dirty laundry – students have access to washers and dryers right in the residence hall. Laundry is $1.00 each for washing and drying and is paid through your Baseline account on your Stout Blue Card. We also use a service called Laundry View - on which you can track the progress of your laundry on your phone, set alerts for when it's complete, and check to see how busy your laundry room is!

The loft beds come with an extra-long twin mattress and the height of the loft bed can be adjusted according to the preferences of each individual student. There are 13 different positions!

Students are encouraged to communicate with their roommates before they get to campus so they can coordinate who will be bringing shared equipment like TVs and futons.

The room is equipped with a garbage and recycling bin.

Most of our rooms are 11’ X 15’ and have a layout similar to this one. Most students have a double room, meaning they share the space with a roommate.

Excellent high-speed wireless access is available in all residence halls. Each room is also equipped with a hardwired Ethernet connection.

Bringing a cube storage unit is a great way to add storage to the room. You could even multipurpose it for use as a TV stand, depending on how you set your room up.

Each room has a mirror on each side.

All rooms have wall-to-wall carpeting, though some students opt to bring a rug to decorate their space.

There are multiple outlets in the room.

Students are issued a highly durable Targus backpack when they receive a laptop through the eStout laptop program.

Each student is provided a dresser.

Rooms will have a closet or wardrobe for each student. Most closets will look like this, some rooms will have a wardrobe unit that you can also see on the right side of this photo.

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