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‘From Bricks and Mortar to Clicks and Clouds’ is a 360-degree interactive virtual tour through the tunnels under the Old Treasury Building in Adelaide that uses digital stories to showcase the history and services of Treasury that have supported the prosperity and well-being of all South Australians from 1836 - 2021. It will be incorporated into selected University of South Australia finance and economics courses and evaluated to determine if it enriches teaching and learning by: • allowing students to ‘visit’ a place they might otherwise not be able to easily access • replacing a textbook case study or an eReading • improving student engagement and understanding of concepts Content in this virtual tour has been obtained from reliable and reputable sources and quality assured by subject matter experts from the University of South Australia, the National Trust (SA) and the Department of Treasury and Finance. The University of South Australia assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions included in the virtual tour.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The University of South Australia expresses its gratitude for the support and cooperation of the National Trust (South Australia), the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance and the Adina Hotel Apartments in the research, facilitation, preparation and quality assurance of the content included in the digital stories of the virtual tour. Much of this content has been taken from Webb, P. 1991, ‘A Brief History of Treasury’ (unpublished). The University of South Australia expresses its gratitude to the author and the Department of Treasury and Finance for releasing this document for our use in this project. Thanks also to John Hill, (past Deputy Under Treasurer), John Wright and Paul Ploksts (both past DTF staff), Kristy Ferguson (Revenue SA), Patrick Bugeja, Graeme Fanning, Helen Lawry, Grant Morgan, Ross Ellery (National Trust SA) and Kathy Dennis for their special contributions to the project. Photographs and images used in the digital stories either have no known copyright restrictions or where additional conditions of use or copyright applies, this has been acknowledged in the virtual tour. The 360-degree photography, virtual tour editing and post-production by Tom Raimondo and Steve Hill from the University of South Australia. Digital stories compiled, edited and produced by Roger Edmonds from the University of South Australia. Narrators were Martin Shanahan and Gerard Stone (UniSA), Katie Obst (Adina Hotel), Graeme Fanning and Helen Lawry (National Trust – SA), David Reynolds, Stuart Hocking, Andrew Blaskett, Trish Borlase, Ana Beveridge and Dave Elliott (Department of Treasury and Finance). Use of the Adina Hotel Apartments facilities for 360 photography and hosting of project meetings has been kindly provided by Katie Obst (General Manager).   Project funded through a Teaching and Learning Grant as part of the Digital Learning Strategy 2015-2020 University of South Australia Project Team Miss Shiao-Lan Chou (Project Leader) Mr Ron McIver (Project Advisor) Dr Lei Xu (Project Advisor) Professor Martin Shanahan (Project Advisor) Associate Professor Tom Raimondo (Director - Project LIVE) Mr Steve Hill (Technical Officer - Project LIVE) Mr Roger Edmonds (Project Officer) NATIONAL TRUST South Australia Mr Patrick Bugeja (Manager, Visitor Experience) South Australian Department of Treasury & Finance Mr Stuart Hocking (Deputy Chief Executive) Adina Hotel Apartments Ms Katie Obst (Hotel General Manager)

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