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Ilan Averbuch, b. Israel 1953, lives and works in United States Journey’s End, Corten® steel, steel, granite, 2016 Museum Purchase FIU 2016.18 The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, FIU Ilan Averbuch has had a long and successful art career exploring various media, including sculpture and drawing. He has created public art installations throughout the United States, Israel and Germany. He is well known for building monuments to both temporal and concrete memory. Many seem like ruins, marks from previous generations but with a playfulness that belies the austerity of contemplating the past. They are not specific, literal observations, but rather subtle implications demanding multiple readings. The artist once stated, “All my works are a dialogue between the intimate and the monumental. They are monumental, but with a question mark.” The arrival on campus of Ilan Averbuch’s monumental sculpture Journey’s End was a cause for celebration at FIU. “Docked” in front of the Wertheim Preforming Arts Building in 1997, it was often referred to as the remnants of Noah’s Ark. Its 40 feet of wood and metal partially imbedded in the earth read like a fragment of nautical history. After 24 years, the wood elements had disintegrated. In 2016 the artist resurrected Journey’s End with stable materials appropriate for Florida weather.

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