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MSC Visual Arts Committee is proud to present: Sonder and Solace Since March 2020, the MSC Visual Arts Committee has felt strongly about using the Reynolds Gallery as a space to reflect on how Texas A&M students experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. There were times when it seemed impossible to put their collective feelings and anxieties into words. Across the university, students experienced a myriad of emotions, not limited to: sadness, grief, isolation, depression and anxiety. We watched friends and loved ones struggle from afar. Graduating seniors missed out on the pomp and celebration of their final semester. New students were only able to meet their classmates through a screen. There were moments when we felt adrift, uncertain and alone. However, mixed with those feelings were small moments of hope. There were days when the only thing to do was take a walk outside in the fresh air. There were moments when, seeking comfort, we picked up the phone to talk to an old friend or loved one who we are normally too busy to talk to. In a difficult time, we discovered a deeper sense of concern and compassion for others. We saw the raw devastation on the faces of front line workers, but we also saw joyous images of people singing from their balconies in solidarity. How do you summarize such a complex and delicate experience? The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows defines sonder (noun) as: "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own". The widely accepted definition of solace (noun) is: comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. In this exhibit, you will find personal stories and artworks from Texas A&M students that are singular and complex, but intrinsically linked by a shared moment in time. Some of the artists express a longing for relief through nostalgia or distraction. Others poignantly depict their feelings of emotional and mental strain. All of them are authentic and true responses to a massive upheaval experienced around the world. The MSC Visual Arts Committee is proud to present Sonder and Solace, a collective representation of our shared COVID-19 grief, sadness, comfort, and ultimately reconnection. Please know that some of the personal stories and artworks on display contain descriptions of domestic abuse and mental health struggles, which could be sensitive for some visitors.

Mental Health Support Services for Covid-19 Pandemic Counseling and Psychologocial Services No cost counseling service for students. If you are in crisis, no appointment is necessary. 24 Hour HelpLine: (979)845-2700 Schedule an Appointment: (979) 845-4427 Student Health Services Located on campus in the A.P. Beutel Health Center, 1264 TAMU, College Station, TX Schedule an appointment: (979) 458-8310 MHMR Authority of Brazos Valley 24/7 mental health, crisis and substance abuse hotline (888) 522-8262 Crisis Text Line Text CONNECT to 741.741 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255 (800)784-2433 Texas A&M Psychology Clinic, for students Located off-campus, offers mental health screenings on a sliding scale fee. Located in the Milner Building, Suite 101 Appointment Scheduling: (979) 845-8017 Work/Life Solutions Program by GuidanceResources No cost crisis intervention and short-term counseling services for a variety of concerns available to benefit-eligible faculty and staff as well as their dependents. Phone: (866) 301-9623 Texas A&M COVID-19 Testing Information

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