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Welcome to NanoBioMedical Centre Virtual Tour! Below You can find a short instruction about how to move about the virtual tour. 1. Use mouse to move the camera around. 2. Click the arrow on the floor or wall to move to the next hotspot. 3. Hover the mouse over the arrow in front of the laboratory to learn what room you are about to enter. 4. At some places you can find an "information" sign. Click it to learn more about the equipment. 5. Click the NBMC logo in upper left corner to visit the official NBMC website. We would like to point, we are aware of some graphical glitches, however hopefully it will not disturb your tour. If you have any comments, suggestions or objections, please contact me directly on Have a nice tour! Jakub Jagielski

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.