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Ekaterina Sisfontes Titel: 39,5 Material: Watercolors on Paper Size: 8 st A4



Ekaterina Sisfontes In April 2020, I received the Corona. Seven days passed in fog. I stopped eating and could only lie down. On the advice of a doctor friend, I drank endless amounts of ginger water and slept most of the time. I had no strength for anything other than the daily attempt to draw. It became a diary. One picture a day. They were made against all odds. Exactly one week later, the virus gave up. My work is a story about the disease through the eyes of a patient who drinks an infinite amount of water.

Nina Wedberg Thulin, Laёtitia Deschamps, Kasia Piorek, Carolina Hindsjö, Peter Varhelyi, Monika Masser, Christina Hedlund, Kjell Hansson, Andrea Hösel, Ekaterina Sisfontes, Andrej Zverev Schillov, Chin Lin Yeh, Helena Norell, Emma Göransson, Mats Landström, Christina Götthesson, Helena Burman, Maria Backman, Rikard Fåhraeus, Penja Hesselbäck, Sussanne Högdahl Holm, Lena (Kolenka) Rammi, Monica Larsson

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