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Winter sunset over the forest area Shots like these cannot be taken from the ground and using a drone videographer they add extra vantage points for films, TV, commercials and adverts. Blended in with ground based shots is common and we work with film crews and directors to agree in advance what is required.

Forest Fly Late Autumn As with other videos we create this is just one 'scene' from a series that we edit and refine to compliment ground based filming. I work with you, film or TV directors to capture the video that you need to create your overall piece.

Filmed at Forrester Golf Club Essex | Watch as Steve Plays the First Hole And see from a 'golf balls' perspective' what this wonderful course looks like from the air. The video comprises of a mix of ground based video and drone video to give an alternative view of the course. Each video we create is different and we work with you to create the story boards, agree the shots before we start filming.

Land and Agricultural Surveying Services Using GPS the area is surveyed in detail and then we create an output file that accurately maps the land. This could be to identify areas where crop yields may be at risk of being lower than hoped (due to spraying, drainage issues etc.). Alternatively this kind of survey can be used to plan buildings, developments and output files loaded to AutoCad to realistically 'place' architectural drawings. To show to clients in situ at the proposed site. We plan each operation with you and to maximise accuracy we work with ground surveyors to place 3-4 RTK points.

Roof surveys that we carry out capture images at 12 megapixels ensuring they are highly visible and detailed. Where possible we fly close to the building (within 5 metres) to maximise the accuracy of the images provided. The images can then be shown to a builder, roofer or surveyor to make the final assessment of works to be carried out or not required.


Promotional video created for Hylands Estate, Essex to promote their grounds and house to customers interested in: weddings, events and other bookings.

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