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Location: Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Schaefer International Gallery Sept 22 – December 18, 2021 ​​ Out of crisis and tragedy, both positive and negative has surfaced. I am touched by the heroism and good will of many, testaments to humanity at its best. On the other hand, I am very troubled by global issues that need our urgent attention. We are the guardians of the weave of nature and our human existence. We must make its strands more harmonious, resilient, inclusive and radiant. To make transformative change we need to look deep within ourselves for the patterns and behaviors we can disrupt. Reset and reshape together. –Taiji Terasaki How to Navigate through the space: -Click and drag to have a look around the 360 degree space. Click the white targets (hotspots) on the ground to move from one piece to the next. -Click the 'i' info hotspot to learn more about a project -Click the 'play' hotspot to view a film and/or an AR element of the exhibition -Click the floorplan icon on the bottom left of each page to return to the floorplan and find your way through the gallery.

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