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This is the entrance to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, where you can enjoy a guided tour of our gallery and feature exhibits. The museum was founded on the Jury archaeological collection in 1933, in partnership with Western University. Much has changed since then, the museum relocated here in 1981, and now also encompasses the Lawson archaeological site, and the collections and research wing. The museum's focus is on our fundamental values of Discovery, Community, Integrity and Care. We share, interpret and care for the archaeological record, to advance an understanding of Ontario's heritage.

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Hello and welcome to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology’s behind the scenes tour! You are now at our front entrance; from here you can see the Lawson Site, a palisaded village, to the left. Our front door is ahead of you and the collections and research wing is to the right. Take in the 360 views, click on icons for more information and use the arrows to move around. Enjoy!

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.