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Office / Reception walkthrough tour

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Walkthrough tour of Robot area of event

Walkthrough tour of Eco area


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--- **Welcome to the GGR Group virtual event, below are some tips when navigating the tour so you get the very best user experience.** --- **How to navigate the External part of the tour** --- Navigating around the exterior elements of the event is easy: -The 360 icons take you to different locations around the event. -The 'I' icons and red circular tags provide product information when clicked. -Clicking on the white circles located on the floor move you around the site. -You can also move quickly around the tour using the **arrow keys** on the keyboard. ↑↓→ ← -Click and drag to look around ***(panning, see below)*** -There are opportunities to return to this launch screen in various locations, look for the exit icons on the floor. -The black circle in the bottom left of the screen will take you directly to some of the key areas. --- **There are several opportunities to look inside the building:** --- Navigating around the interior of the event is very similar to outside, first click on the 'enter'' icons: -There is a highlight reel at the bottom of the interior part of the tour, and a play button to take a guided tour. -Red circular tags in the interior part of the tour can be clicked for product information. -Again, move around by clicking on the white circles located on the floor. -Look around by clicking and dragging or swiping on touch screens. --- **Zooming In** --- *You can zoom in and out of the indoors part of the tour using any device, the exact way it works can vary between devices. Here is a general guide:* **Mouse:** Use the scroll wheel or move finger up and down central tracking area (apple mouse type) **Laptop touchpad:** Move finger up or down on the touchpad or for MacBooks slide 2 fingers up and down the trackpad. **Mobile device *(tablet/phone)*:** Use normal pinch gestures as you would when zooming into a photo. --- **Looking around (Panning)** --- **Mouse:** Click and drag around the screen. **Laptop touchpad:** With a single finger, click and drag around the touchpad to look around. **Mobile device *(tablet/phone)*:** Use normal swipe gestures as you would when scrolling social media feeds. --- **Video** --- There is also video content accessed by clicking on play buttons where available. --- We really hope you enjoy our virtual event *The GGR Group Team*

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.