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Other Brand-X companies use a 3/12 pitch, but Morton's steeper roof means snow and water slide off quicker and have less damage from the sun.

We have the whole overhead door seal system included when we build it, so it will last multiple years—10, 20 years is not uncommon. Other Brand-X companies rely on the overhead door company to take care of it—many seals do not last longer than two years due to UV breakdown.

We use a 26-gauge, commercial-quality steel that’s .019” thick, resulting in a flexible steel that will bend and not break. Other Brand-X companies use a 29-gauge steel that’s about .015” thick. You get more steel for your money in one of our panels, as well as maximum strength.

Our ribs have a 1” smooth arch, while other Brand-X companies form a ¾”, rigid arch. When you bend steel at sharp angles, it creates micro-fractures that will rust. Rounded bends do not put stress on the paint and helps the building look better and last longer.

We use a paint system that provides beautiful color retention over a lifetime, as well as rust protection. Other Brand-X companies use a polyester paint that will fade and have to be replaced. Shown here is a side-by-side comparison that clearly shows how our paint resists fading, while the Brand-X paint has intense fading. We do extensive durability testing in Florida and Illinois to ensure this fade resistance--shown here is a photo taken at the Florida testing site.

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Our color-matched, through and through stainless steel screws are fastened in the hi-rib. This prevents rust and leakage. Other Brand-X companies fasten painted hex-head screws on the flat part of the roof, and in this case, they were rusting less than one year after the initial build.

We only offer thermally-broken doors that are designed to keep the elements out. Other Brand-X companies use a basic steel door with a low-grade weather seal that’s not painted with the same paint as the rest of the building. Over time, the sun will fade and break down the seal of Brand-X doors and you will have to replace it.

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