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Watch a clip from a field trip collecting crabs in the Gladstone region as part of the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Parternship (GHHP) report card.

Watch a clip from a field trip dropping BRUVs (baited remote underwater videos) in a seagrass meadow. One of the areas of research that CMERC focuses on is seagrass restoration and seagrass meadows are such an important habitat for fish, crabs, and other marine species.

360º view of our new mesocosm system at CMERC

Main Lab GESC Outdoor mesoco...

Our 5.9m research vessel 'Mudskipper' allows us to get out to some of the more remote sites around the Gladstone region, to collect samples and conduct field work. We have a range of field equipment including: • TOV-2 Towed Video system • Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations • Fishing gear (e.g. seine nets, gill nets and crab pots, fyke net, cast nets) • Diving Pulse Amplitude Modulated Fluorometer • ROV (Remotely operated vehicle) Check out this video below explaining our Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership, as an example of some of the fieldwork we have carried out in the region.

Aerial footage of our new CMERC facility

Watch a timelapse of our floating pontoon at CMERC


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