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Blackpool School of Arts is celebrating its first academic year under its reclaimed name with an innovative, ground-breaking show. Reflecting its inclusive ethos there are spaces dedicated to all of the School’s programmes, both FE and HE. Bound together in a unique Creative Community of Practice students, and in the face of the national health crisis, staff and students have surmounted the obstacles presented by the closure of the College buildings by transferring their teaching online. The exhibition which comprises several virtual buildings has been curated and created by Aaron Tonks whose research into virtual exhibition environments has been applied to the current circumstances beautifully. Aaron’s curatorial style is evident in the galleries he has created which are based on our actual, physical 1930s gallery building. The tutors have worked relentlessly to ensure that students were well supported during the lockdown, using a range of methods to keep practical classes going and replicating the sense of fun and belonging that characterises taught sessions. Of course there are some students who have struggled to adjust to the new circumstances but most have thrived and some have flown! The exhibition and links to music and performance demonstrate the diversity of outcomes and creativity that we nurture in Blackpool School of Arts. Through the virtual exhibition we will reach a wider audience than our usual physical show in Blackpool would have done, show casing both our progressing students and our graduates. Visitors please be mindful that there are a range of levels here, as a community we have included all of those who want to participate. The galleries are clearly labelled to help you navigate what and whose work you are seeing.We hope you enjoy the show and welcome feedback, our social media is active, dynamic and interactive so please feel free to explore that too! Dr Jill Fernie-Clarke

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