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IABA 800S Automatic bagging machines for gusseted and non-gusseted open-mouth bags. Ideal for high production and packaging granular products in a wide range of formats.

IABA 600 P The IABA 600 P bagging machine is designed to fill and close pre-formed bags easily and reliably. Designed for medium production. This model is the ideal solution for packaging products such as flours, powdered food additives or powdered chemical products, etc.

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Semi-automatic Bagging Machine The DR line semi-automatic bagging machine has a strong AISI 304 stainless steel single-piece structure and is available in two versions: with gross weight or net weight weighing machines and can be supplied with various dosing systems: belt, gravity or screw depending on the type of product.

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IABA 600 D Double Spout Bagging Machine The IABA 600 D bagging machine is designed for filling and closing preformed bags in a simple and reliable way. This bagging machine, ideal for high production, is equipped with a double filling station that allows to manage 2 bags at each working cycle.

MF POUCH 3000 The MF POUCH 3000 automatic bagging machine for open mouth bags, made entirely in stainless steel, is ideal for packaging different food products with particular features regarding fragility, flow and granule size such as Pet Food, baked products, sweets, nuts, snacks, legumes, cereals, etc.

Sugar is a product universally present and used by every family. With such high demand, sugar producers constantly require two features for their packaging system: high production speed and maximum reliability to operate 24/7. Especially in developing countries, these two requests have the common goal of reducing the cost of labour by increasing production levels. Manual packaging can also require 20-30 people at the same time, subjected to exhausting and intense work rates, in extremely precarious safety conditions. All this has been being replaced by a single automatic packaging line that requires a maximum of two operators, allowing not only to reduce the cost of labour but also to triple the hourly production.

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