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The Bucket Elevator, represents the best possible compromise for the transport of delicate products to a height, guaranteeing their integrity. Its modular structure allows it to be used for the most varied requirements, allowing it to be installed in confined spaces. The wide range of models allows its use in many sectors, from food to chemical, to animal feed. The possibility to have a variable number of loading and unloading points guarantees maximum flexibility of use.

Chain - conveyor (Redler) Chain Conveyor with flow rates up to 300 m³/h, ideal for transporting granular products.

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Il Molino a Martelli PET THOR rappresenta la soluzione ideale per impianti dei settori Pet Food e Fish Food Il Mulino a Martelli PET THOR dispone di un innovativo sistema per la sostituzione dei martelli che velocizza notevolmente tale manutenzione, elimina la possibilità di errori e richiede un solo operatore.

The load belts are the ideal solution for feeding packaging machines with granular products with medium and high flow speed. Depending on the type of product, the capacity required and the space available, MF TECNO can offer several solutions such as linear, inclined, “Z”-type belts, etc. All parts in contact are compatible with foodstuffs.

The chain tubular conveyor is studied to transport granular and floury products for feed and industrial use. Its modular structure allows it to be used even in limited spaces. The structure of the system allows covering unthinkable distances with any other type of conveyor while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Mixer for powdery products The Single Shaft Horizontal Paddle Mixer guarantees excellent mixing of products in short times. Studied for food and chemistry industries. The attention to detail in the design phase allows easy cleaning. The particular structure in strong AISI304 stainless steel, guarantees long duration of the body and moving parts over time.

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