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Part1 360tb2vd-11 Part1 360tb2vd-10 Part1 360tb2vd-12 Part1 360tb2vd-8 Part1 360tb2vd-16 Part 3_ei2cw-1-2 Part1 360tb2vd-5 Part1 360tb2vd-17 Part 3_ei2cw-1 Part1 360tb2vd-3 Part1 360tb2vd-1 Part 3_ei2cw-1-3 Part1 360tb2vd-1 Part1 360tb2vd-11

This video gives you a quick introduction to the route , the laces to will see and then shows you the whole route at speeds

This is a map of the route and the sites with a 360 view. Use the arrow to move through the route of click the location icons to see the area in 360. Use your cursor to look around and to get a feel of the place. The route is mostly traffic free, and quiet.

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.