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3m working width with 30-50HP requirement. The MAJOR CS Pro is a multi-purpose mower, designed for the maintenance of dense vegetation, long grass, estate lawns and fine turf.

Galvanised finish: The body is galvanised for the ultimate protection against corrosion, safeguarding your investment.

Strenx® 700 MC structural steel: This materials’ high strength and consistent properties allows it to take higher payloads and as a result makes the Major Cyclone stronger, lighter, safer and more sustainable.

Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_2 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_3 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_4 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_6 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_7 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_9 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_5 Major MJ65-300 CS Pro_8

Internal roller bearings give total protection against moisture and soil

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