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John Ounjian is an analytical and results-driven professional with 12+ years of experience in managing/maintaining financial raw information as well as conducting business and financial analysis aimed at accomplishing designated organizational targets. John has credible history of delivering market/business insights information and defining faultless techniques based on discoveries to create exact projections with extricating bits of knowledge from raw information. Served Venture Capitalists and Investors (UAE, USA, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia) from a broad range of investment sectors: Family offices with 2+ billion in AUM, crypto hedge funds and private investment banks. Conveying administrations such as extend examination, speculation opportunity investigation, whitepaper & tokenomics analysis, risk-adjusted return procedures, DeFi money legos methodologies, on-chain analytics and mapping. John also makes consulting recommendations for blockchain companies/projects in DeFi and web3 space, particularly in the areas of whitepaper evalution, growth metrics, defining best practices, analyzing on-chain data, managing liquidity and treasury. A Lebanese and Armenian national, he holds a MSc in Blockchain & Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia and Bachelor’s in Finance from Lebanon. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and holding certifications in data modelling, business Intelligence and automation solutions from several enterprises. In addition, he serves on several NGO committees, performs

Initially, my proudest moment would’ve been accomplishing an progressed status in a few driving innovations BUT after being affected first hand from the Beirut blast in August 2020, (was less than 300 meters from the blast site and the compound I was in got wiped out) I joined the cause to assist out with everything I can to bring help to anyone affected. Being a survivor from it led me to pend everything I was working on and targeting to do, and just started working with NGO’s to assist them raise funds by upscaling their reporting/financial system levels to make it smoother to accumulate monetary value from donors and be able to help out all who got affected in the blast radius. I am proud to have been part of the main cause and had a direct effect in helping out homes and businesses. I still serve a few NGO’s on free-consulting premise and will continuously keep doing it since my home country now is going through a steep economic crisis.

5 years from now I see myself as the back-end advisor on the right ear of influential/powerful figures within the Web3 and fund-raising space. I am as of now in this angle and degree, my approach is to be the advisor that key players search for to form the correct choices and disruptive decisions with having the best practices that would shape society to its better and superior state. I’m a data driven person with privacy and sovereignty being the utmost top values I strive for

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