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**The Artful Fox** **Heidi Everett** 'Not everyone likes foxes; rightfully in countries where they don't belong. In many ways, a fox is like schizophrenia. It's an unloved, unwelcome creature that steals in while no one looks, scrounges on unwatched provisions and gets hunted down, despised for the damage it wreaks. Wealthy people wear the fur of its capture, much like the doctors who claim to hold the cure of such a curse while sleeping warmly in nice houses from the chase. In a way, they chase their own tails.' 'I am perhaps like the fox. I'm arty and artful, but that's why I survived. My first experience of the power of illustration - or drawing a story, was after my brother and I saw a UFO up close one wintery evening playing outside in the Welsh borderlands half-light. Drawing the spaceship let me get the terrifying image out of my mind and onto paper. It also meant drawing the shocking experience out of my spirit. After that, I became obsessed with drawing horses which got me through some of the worst times of my young life. When everything around me was scary and bad, I was able to escape into another, much happier world drawing horses.....'

**The Paddock** 2020 pen on paper 21 x 21cm © Heidi Everett

**Smoking Room** circa 2018 pen on paper 30 x 21cm © Heidi Everett

**The TV** circa 2018 pen on paper 30 x 21cm © Heidi Everett

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