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3D Images

What is a 3D image?

3D images (also called stereographic) can be created with certain 360 cameras such as the Insta 360 PRO. Additionally, 3D images can be created and rendered using modeling software such as Maya or 3DSMax. Finally, NVIDIA Ansel also allows you to create 3D in-game screenshots.

A 3D image consists of two spherical images taken from two different positions that are about as far from each other as the typical distance between two eyes. You can't see the 3D effect on regular screens, but you can view it in a VR headset. One image is rendered for the left eye, another for the right one.

Uploading 3D images

To upload a 3D image, you just need to make sure it has the correct format, as illustrated below:

Llanberis Slate Museum - 3d image example by kronpano

In order for Kuula to recognize and correctly render the 3D image in VR mode, the image needs to meet the following conditions:

  1. A top-down layout - left eye on top, right eye one on the bottom
  2. Perfectly square dimensions, i.e. aspect ratio is exactly 1
  3. Minimum dimension of 4000 pixels

If these conditions are met, Kuula will interpret the image as 3D and render it correctly when viewed in VR. The image will also have a special 3D badge visible in lists and on the details panel.

Eye offsets

In order to achieve the stereo 3d effect, the left and right eye images need to be offset a bit between them. Elements closer to the camera will be offset more than those that are further away. You can see this effect on the closeup box above. If the image doesn't have this offset, i.e. both left and right views look the same, you will not see the depth effect in VR.

If the offsets are inverted, the image will appear blurry in VR. In this case, please try to swap the left and right views - move the bottom onto the top and the top one to the bottom.

Recommended dimensions

The maximum size of the image file you can upload is 16384 x 16384 pixels if you upload from most modern desktop computers or laptops, and 10000 x 10000 pixels if you use a mobile phone, tablet or some older desktop machines for posting your images.

The maximum size supported on your machine will be specified under the Choose image... button in the center of the screen.

The recommended size for optimal quality and load time is 8192 x 8192. For more detailed image specifications, please read this article.

Viewing 3D images

As mentioned before, the 3D effect is not noticeable on a flat screen. You will need to view the image in VR. The best way to do that is to either use a mobile phone with VR goggles or through a standalone headset such as Oculus Go. To check how to explore 360 content in VR, please read this article.


Here are a few samples uploaded by our users so far: