We are contiously writing help articles & tutorials to help you get around Kuula and all its numerous functions. We'll be adding them to the list below as soon as they become available.

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Help articles

Uploading content

  • Uploading posts How to upload 360 and regular images upload,photo,new
  • Partial Panoramas Panoramas covering less than 360°x180° view
  • 3D Images NEW How to upload 3D images and view them in VR upload,stereo,vr,virtual reality,stereographic
  • Unlisted posts & tours PRO Keeping your posts & tours private and sharing only with selected people privacy,private,public,invisible

Virtual Tours

  • Virtual Tours PRO Ultimate guide to our Virtual Tour editor upload,photo,360,real estate,architecture,house,walkthrough
  • Walkthrough Mode PRO Turn your tour into a virtual walkthrough with one click! walkthrough,virtual,automatic hotspot alignment
  • Maps and floor plans PRO Add floor plans or maps to your Virtual Tours
  • Animated Transitions Add smooth, animated transtions between images Virtual Tours animation,crossfade,wipe,walkthrough
  • Audio PRO NEW Add background audio to a tour mp3,audio,wav,music,background,sound
  • Collections free,virtual tours Organize your favourite posts, create collections and galleries.

Editor Features

  • Hotspots PRO Connect photos, create interactive cards and add links to your tours photo,editor,video,cards,links,connect,walkthrough
  • Custom hotspot icons PRO NEW Upload your own hotspot icon images
  • Images & text Overlay text labels and images on 360 posts emoji,icons,smiley,label,text,font,google,images,website
  • Nadir & zenith patches PRO NEW Add your logo to the zenith or nadir of your post
  • Sun & lens flare effect Bring your panoramas to life with a dynamic lens flare effect
  • Post descriptions Edit descriptions, add text formatting and hashtags to your posts
  • Replacing Images PRO Replace image in a post without loosing added hotspots or views & likes
  • Deleting posts Remove posts from tours or your profile.

Virtual Reality

PRO Accounts

Sharing and embedding

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