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Hotspot connections

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a 360 virtual tour consisting of 6 panoramic images linked with hotspot connections.

Hotspot connections are created by simply dragging the thumbnails from the bar located at the bottom of the screen onto the desired spot in the panorama.

Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Use those time references to jump to specific parts of the tutorial:

  • 00:05batch upload files
  • 00:20re-order posts and adjust tour settings
  • 00:47start adding hotspot connections
  • 02:24finish editing and review the tour

There is also an advanced mode of editing that automatically generates backlinks. It allows you to save a lot of time. You can learn more about backlinks in this tutorial.

Live tour

You can see and interact with the tour created in the video tutorial below:

Build your own tour

If you would like to follow the video and build a tour of your own, you can download the panoramas used in the tutorial and use them to create one. Simply download the assets using the button below:

Download tutorial assets

Once you save the file to your drive, unzip its contents, go to Kuula website and upload the panoramas using the Create tour function. Have fun!