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Nadir & zenith patches PRO

Nadir and zenith patches are a great to way add branding to your posts and also to cover unwanted elements in a photo, such as a tripod... or the top of your head ;)

The Image function can be used to cover this parts of the photo with an image, graphic or logo. To learn how, watch the video below and/or read the article.

Patching with the Image function

Your images may have a visible tripod on the bottom (nadir) like this one:

You can use the Image function to upload and cover that part of the photo:

Kuula post editor - nadir patch upload dialog

To achieve the best results, we recommend to use round shaped PNG images with a transparency layer.

You can upload a new image or reuse one of previously uploaded images - this makes it easy to apply the same patch to every photo in a tour.

Once the image is uploaded, it will appear in the Your Assets tab along all the images you uploaded before.

Kuula post editor - nadir patch upload dialog

After you select the image, it will show up in the 360 photo and then you can position it by drag and drop and scale it using the slider on the righthand side in a way that it covers the entire area of the tripod. Once you are satisfied with the result, hit SAVE and you're done!

When you look down in the photo now, the tripod will be covered with the image:

Kuula post editor - nadir patch applied

Of course it's not limited to the bottom part of the image. You can apply a patch to the top part of the image (zenith) or anywhere else on the sphere. You can also add multiple images to a photo - so you can get quite creative with this function!

Reuse patch on other photos

When you are working on a tour, you may want to add the same nadir patch to all posts in that tour. The easiest way to do that is to copy the patch image you added and paste it in to every image in the tour. To copy and paste addons, you can use the Addon Tools menu to use the C and V keyboard shortcuts.

For more information check the Editing Addons and Keyboard Shortcuts tutorials.

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