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Working with collections

A collection is exactly what you think it is - it's a number of 360 photos put together. When we designed this feature for Kuula, we wanted to make it as flexible and universal as possible. We wanted users to create and use collections in many different ways.

Collections can be used for managing and organizing your posts, for collecting and sorting posts you like across Kuula and, last but not least - to create Virtual Tours.

Collections are at the core of Kuula user interface and you can interact with them from many places. In this tutorial, we will see how to create and delete collections, add posts to collections, share them as 360 image galleries and virtual tours.

Creating and deleting collections

To create a collection, go to your collections tab in your profile. Access it by clicking on the the last tab on your profile page or on the My collections link in the main menu.

Once there you will see a large Create collection button - just press it and a new collection will appear below the button. Fill in the name and, optinally, a description and hit Save. You can now start adding posts to the collection.

You can also make collections on the fly, while uploading or adding a post to a collection. It's done in the Add to collection dialog discussed below.

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add collection

To edit or delete a collection, simply click on the Edit or Delete buttons on the collection thumbnail.

All collections are public unless you are a Kuula PRO subscriber. In that case you can create unlisted collections as well. There is no need to explicitely mark a collection as unlisted - just add unlisted posts to the collection and it will automatically become unlisted. Learn more about unisted posts and collections

Adding posts to a collection

There are a few ways to add both new as well as existing posts to a collection.

First of all, you can add a post to a collection while uploading it by clicking on the Add to collection button in the upload editor panel:

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add upload to collection

You can also use the Batch Upload function available for Kuula PRO subscribers. With Batch Upload you can upload multiple photos at a time and add them all to a collections at once. Learn more

To add an existing post to a collection, use the + button located under each thumbnail on list pages such as Explore or Profile.

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add post to collection, option 2

Finally, you can add a post to a collection by navigating to the specific post page and clicking on the Add to collection button in the information panel.

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add post to collection, option 3

Either way you do it, clicking the Add to collection button will bring the same dialog box where you can select which collection you want the post to be added to. You can select multiple collections and you can also create a new collection on the fly within this dialog box:

Kuula Virtual Tours - Add to collection dialog

You can use the same dialog to remove a post from a collection.

Viewing & sharing collections

All your collections are avaialble under the Collections tab in your profile.

You can also browse collections created by other users on their profile pages and some featured collections on the Explore/Collections page.

Simply click the collection thumbnail of your choice and you will see a list page showing all the posts in this specific collection. This is the default viewing mode.

Kuula Virtual Tours - Embed Virtual Tour

From here you can embed the collection as a tour with the blue </> button. You can also share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Clicking on embed button will take you to the Embed Editor where you can customize the settings and generate the code to embed the Virtual Tour on your website.

You can also click the green button on the top of the collection page to view it as a Virtual Tour. The Virtual tour view shows a the interactive, panoramic image and a thumbnail bar at the bottom.

That is all. We hope you'll find our collection feature well suited for your needs!