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Custom domain links Business

With the Kuula Business subscription, links to all your tours and photos will be available under your own domain.

You can find more information about the Business subscription plan & features on our pricing page. If you want to get started with using your own domain, please refer to this tutorial on how to setup the DNS to point to Kuula servers.

After your domain is properly configured and your Business subscription is activated, you can follow the steps below to copy and share branded links to your 360 content.

Branded links

In Export Editor you can customize the player and use features such as custom logo, auto rotation and others. After you adjust all the paramaters to your liking, you can grab a direct customized link that uses your domain.

To access the export editor, click on Share and the choose Get link or embed code button:

All you need to do is to copy the URL under the Link tab:

And that's all you need to do to share links to your tours and photos under your own domain!

If you want to start using your own domain today, please follow the instructions in this tutorial. The first step is to setup the DNS to point to Kuula servers.