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Custom Domain Links & Embeds Business

With the Kuula Business subscription, links to all your tours and photos will be available under your own domain.

When you click Share on a photo/tour page, in the dialog that appears, you will see that the direct link uses your own domain:

If you would like to create a more customized link and still use your own domain, please read the "Customized links" section below.

Please note that only your own photos and tours are available under your domain. If you wish to share other people's content - the link will point to

If, for any reason, you need the direct link to use the domain - you can use the Switch to domain link.

Embed codes

You will also have the possibility to generate embed codes using your own domain. You can use such code in the same way as you would a regular kuula embed code - to insert on web pages, blogs or listings. Simply click on Embed in the dialog above, and you will see that the embed code available on this page also uses your domain:

Same as with direct links, you can switch back to default kuula domain by using the Use link.

Customized links

With the embed editor you can not only create embed codes, but you can also create direct links using all the same custom parameters, such as custom logo, auto rotation and others.

All you need to do, is to customize the player using the embed editor settings and the copy the Link instead of the embed code:

And that's all you need to do to share links to your tours and photos under your own domain!

If you are interested in the Kuula Business subscription, please get in touch with us and we will help you with the setup!