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Master addons PRO

Master addons are elements such as hotspots, nadir patches, text labels and in-line images that automatically appear on every post in a tour.

Adding a master addon

Creating a master addon is very easy and can be done in four simple steps:

  1. Open any post in a tour in edit mode
  2. Add an Image, Text or Hotspot element
  3. Check the Use as master box, as show below:
  4. Save the changes

If you go to any post in the tour now, it will show this element at the same location across all posts.

Removing a master addon

To remove a master addon, you can go to any post in the tour, select this element and either:

  1. Click Delete to remove it altogether
  2. Deselect the Use as master box
    Note: if you do that, the addon will no longer show on any post in the tour except the one you are currently editing.

Master addons are a great way to quickly add a nadir patch to all posts in a tour. They can also be used to create menus and hotspots that link back to a map or a special, "hero" post.

If you extend the tour in the future by adding more images to it, all the master elements will also appear in the new posts.

This simple function will allow you to create and manage tours much more efficiently!