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Downgrading your plan

Kuula PRO and Business subscriptions offer a full range of tools to create and manage your tours and we hope you will enjoy using it. Sometimes however you may want to pause or stop your subscription for a while. We get it!

In order to make sure it's simple and a painless process, we include the guide below which explains in detail what happens with your data when you downgrade your account.

The main rule for users who decide stop the paid subscription and go back to the free plan is:

Kuula does not permanently REMOVE any of your content (tours, post). You can restart a subscription at any moment to restore all features and content.

All of your previously uploaded photos, images and the tours will stay intact, but some features will become inaccessible. Our goal was to allow you to switch between paid and free accounts as you need, without having to make difficult choices.

What changes after the downgrade?

Downgrading from PRO to free

When you downgrade from PRO or Business to the free account, the following functions will change or become inaccesible:


The PRO plan offers the batch upload function (aka Create Tour) which allows you to upload multiple panoramas at once. In the free plan, this function is limited to maximum 25 images at one time.

Kuula PRO also allows unlimited monthly uploads. With the free plan you are limited to 100 posts per month. After downgrading, all your previous uploads will remain intact, but the number of new uploads you can do will become limited.


Our free plan doesn't include public hotspots. All the hotspots created while you were on the PRO subscription will remain intact, but they will be visible only to you. On the free plan, you can add new hotspots and edit existing ones, but again - they will only be visible to you. If you decide to renew your paid subscription, all the hotspots will become public again.

Branded embeds

All your custom branded embeds - i.e. chromeless embeds, those with a logo or without any logo - will revert to the default settings, showing Kuula logo and other user interface elements. However, all your settings will be preserved. If you renew the paid subscription, those embeds will become custom branded again automatically.

Privacy settings

In order to protect your privacy, our policy is that all of your unlisted posts or tours will remain so when you downgrade to the free plan. However, on the free plan, you will not be able to change the privacy settings to Unlisted on any new or existing posts.

For more information about the features and limitations of the free plan, please refer to this guide.

Downgrading from Business

When you downgrade from Business plan to PRO or free plan, the following functions will change or become inaccesible:

Custom domain

Your custom domain will be disabled and all the links will no longer work.

Client logos

If you are using client logos on a Business subscription and downgrade your plan, the client logos will be removed in all the embeds & links. If you downgrade to PRO, those embeds will show no logo at all. If you downgrade to the free plan, client logos will be replaced with the Kuula logo.

Password protected tours

If you create password protected tours on a Kuula Business plan and then downgrade to PRO or free - the password will no longer work and all protected tours will become private and inaccesible to anyone but you.


Google Analytics integration available to Kuula Business users, will stop tracking visits after the account is downgraded.


The website will no longer be available publicly. You can still log in into the editor and edit the pages, but any changes will be visible only to you.

Cancelling the subscription

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please see this article for detailed instructions.

If you have any questions about your plan or billing, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help you!