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Downgrading from PRO to Basic

Kuula PRO subscription offers a full range of tools to create and manage your tours and we hope you will enjoy using it. Sometimes however you may want to stop or pause your subscription for a while. We get it!

In order to make sure it's simple and a painless process, we include the guide below which explains in detail what happens with your data when you downgrade your account.

Our main rule for users who decide stop the paid subscritipn and revert to the basic plan is: we do not DELETE or permanently REMOVE any content. All of your previously uploaded photos, images and the tours will stay intact, but some features will become inaccesible.

Our goal was to allow you to switch between the PRO and free accounts as you need, without having to make difficult choices.

What changes after the downgrade?

Below is a list of all the features and function of Kuula PRO that will become inaccesible after downgrade:

Batch upload

The PRO plan offers the batch upload function (aka Create Tour). This function allows you to upload up to 60 panoramas at once. In the free plan this is no longer available. However, all images uploaded using this function while your account was PRO will remain intact.


Our basic plan doesn't include public hotspots. All the hotspots created while you were on the PRO subscription will remain intact, but they will be visible only to you. On the free plan, you can add new hotspots and edit existing ones, but again - they will only be visible to you. If you decide to renew your paid subscription, all the hotspots will become public again.

Branded embeds

All your custom branded embeds - i.e. chromeless embeds, those with your own logo or without any logo - will revert to the default settings, showing Kuula logo and other user interface elements. However, all your settings will be preserved. If you renew the paid subscription, those embeds will become custom branded again automatically.

Unlisted posts & tours

In order to protect your privacy, our policy is that all of your unlisted posts & tours will remain unlisted when you downgrade to the free plan. However, you will not be able to change the privacy settings to Unlisted on any new or existing posts while on the basic plan.

Upload limits

Kuula PRO allows unlimited monthly uploads. With the basic plan you are limited to 100 posts per month. After downgrading, all your previous uploads will remain intact, but the number of new uploads you can do will become limited.

Other functions

Some other editing functions will become unavailable in the basic plan and those include replacing image & custom ordering of colections. This list may expand as we add more PRO features in the future.

Cancelling your subscription

In order to cancel the PRO subscription, navigate to your Account Settings page and hit the cancel the subscription link, as shown below.

Your PRO account will not be downgraded immediately - it will remain PRO until the end of the current billing period, but you wil not be billed again. In case of the screenshot below, the account would be active until August 1st 2019, after which there will be no more charges and the account will be downgraded to the basic plan.

Note to Paypal users: if you purchased a yearly Kuula PRO subscription with Paypal, there is no need to cancel it as it will not automatically renew. You will get an email reminder to renew the subscription when the time comes and you can decide then.

After you confirm the cancellation, your account page will show the following message: