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Editing addons

Addons are anything that can be added to a post, such as hotspots, text labels and inline images (ex. nadir and zenith patches).

This article goes through several features of the Virtual Tour editor, such as selecting, copying and duplicating addons. You can see them in action in the video below.

Editing tools - copy, paste, duplicate

Accessing the editor

You can edit addons when uploading a new post or when editing an existing one. To access the Kuula Virtual Tour editor, click on Edit icon (pen) in the toolbar located in the top-right of the screen.

Kuula Virtual Tour Editor - edit button

Tools menu

The functions covered below are available from the tools menu at the top of the editor panel (three-dots icon, as shown on the screenshot below) or as keyboard shortcuts.

Kuula Virtual Tour Editor - context menu tools


To select an addon in the editor simply click or tap on it. A small blue frame will appear around it and the right side panel will show the addon editor functions.

Multiple selection

You can select multiple hotspots if you hold the shift key when selecting. You can also select all the addons in a post with the Select All function in the tools menu or by hitting A.

Kuula Virtual Tour Editor - multiple selection

If you select multiple hotspots, you can move them around together and batch edit some of their properties, like size or opacity. If all selected addons are hotspots, you can also change their icons at once.

To exit the current selection, simply click anywhere on the post where there's no addons or hit Y on the keyboard.

Copy & paste

Once you select one or more addons, you can use the classic editing functions to copy and paste them within the same post or across posts.

To copy an addon to the clipboard, use the Copy or Cut (i.e "copy and remove") function from the tools menu, shown above, or hit C or X respectively.

You can paste an addon from the clipboard at any time using the Paste function or with V.

There is also another way to paste addons - instead in their original positions, they will be put right in front of you in the editor. It's called Paste in place and the keyboard shortcut is B.

Copy & paste between posts

You can copy and paste addons not just within one post, but across different posts. Once you copy an addon to the clipboard, it will be available for pasting as long as you do not close the browser tab where the Kuula website is open. You can exit the editor, find or upload another post and then paste the addons into it.


To duplicate the selected addon(s), use Duplicate from the tools menu or hit D.

Moving addons up & down

By default, every new addon added to the post will be displayed on top of those added before. If you would like to change that order, you can select any addon and move it back and forward in the layer order. For this use the Bring forward and Send backward or use [ and ] respectively.

Toggle grid

The grid can help align addons or level the panorama. You can use the Toggle grid option or G to turn it on and off.

Kuula Virtual Tour Editor - grid