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How to upload an image

As soon as you register on Kuula, you can start uploading images and photos. In fact this is what Kuula is all about! Here's a short article explaining how to do it - it's really simple.

This article focuses on uploading individual images. If you are a PRO user and would like to upload multiple photos at once to create a Virtual Tour, please check this tutorial as well.

Upload section

You can upload both 360° and regular images to Kuula. The workflow is the same for both, you only need to choose what type of image you want to upload by navigating to either Upload > 360° image or Upload > Regular image from the main menu.

Once there, you will see a page similar to the one below. Now, you can select a image file from your drive with the Select image... button or by simply drag & drop the image into the circle in the middle.

Supported formats & sizes

Maximum image dimensions are 16384 x 8192 pixels (16K) for 360° images and 8192 x 8192 (8K) for regular images. Please note that on some older PCs or mobile devices the maxmimum supported dimensions can be smaller. Howerver, there are no limits on the file size (bytes). Supported file formats are JPG, PNG and GIF.

Editing & posting

Once the photo is processed, you can adjust the settings on the right side panel. There are a number of available functions, including setting the privacy to Public or Unlisted (available to PRO users). You can also use the Add to tour button to add the post to an existing or new Virtual Tour.

When you are done editing the photo - simply hit the Post It button. And that's it! Your photo should be posted and available for sharing immediately after that.