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Custom Hotspot Icons PRO

Kuula offers a number of built-in icons that can cover your basic Virtual Tour needs, but sometimes you'll need to use custom icons to meet your clients requirements or just for a more customized visual effect.

To use a custom icon for a hotspot, open the post in the editor and add a hotspot to your photo the same way you would add a regular one. Once the hotspot is in place, click on the Change image link next to the icon preview:

Kuula post editor - nadir patch upload dialog

In the dialog, you can select the Your assets tab, located in the top/right corner of the window, to see all your custom icons .

Kuula post editor - nadir patch upload dialog

After navigating to this tab, you can:

  1. Change the view type
    Large grid, small grid and list.
  2. Search by name
    You use the filter to search in your assets.
  3. Upload a new file
    Supported formats include JPG, PNG, SVG and the max dimension is 5000px.
  4. Create folders
    Folders will help you stay organized. To add an asset to a folder you can use drag & drop.
  5. Rename and delete the asset
    You can rename or delete each asset or folder. This will not affect any tours that use those assets.

All the icons you upload can be reused across different posts and tours, so there is no need to upload the same image twice.

For best looking icons, we recommend using transparent PNG or SVG images with well defined geometrical shapes so that they're easy to identify as buttons by the user. But of course you can use any graphic or picture you want!

After you select the icon you want to use, it will show up in the 360 photo. You can position it by drag and drop and use the tools on the right-hand side panel the same way you would use them for regular hotspots.

Once you are satisfied with the result, hit Back to main editor, then SAVE and you're done!