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Posts and Tours Privacy PRO

All Kuula users, both free and paid, can upload public posts and tours. Users with an active Kuula subscription, such as PRO or Business, can use a few additional privacy settings for their content. The available options include:

  • Public visible on your profile page, in search and in the Explore section. Public posts & tours can be shared via direct link or embedded.
  • Private visible only to you. Private content can not be shared or embedded.
  • Unlisted PRO hidden on your Kuula profile page. Unlisted posts & tours can only be shared via direct link or embedded.
  • Protected Business (tours only) require a password to access. Protected tours can be embedded and shared just like Public and Unlisted tours.

Managing post privacy

The privacy of a post can be easily changed at any time. You can select the posts privacy during the upload process as illustrated below. You can also go to the editor of any existing post and change its privacy setting using the same interface.

You can easily recognize Unlisted and Private posts by a label at the top of the photo information panel (1). To change it, click on the Edit button (2).

Tour privacy

Privacy of a tour can be set in a similar way, during the batch upload process. The privacy interface can be found on the right side of the screen as illustrated below.

To change the privacy of an existing tour and go to the Tours section of your profile. You can see a grid of all your tours with a bar at the bottom showing if they are Public, Unlisted or Private.

To change the privacy of the tour, open the tour and click on the Edit Tour link on top of the thumbnail bar. On the Edit Tour screen, you will find the Privacy on the left side, under the Tour Settings tab.

Password protected tours BUSINESS

Kuula BUSINESS users can additionally protect the tours with a password. If you select the Password Protected privacy mode on the Edit Tour page, you will see a dialog asking you to set a password.

You can share or embed protected tours just like public or unlisted ones. To access the content of the tour, your visitors will be asked to enter the password:

Changing or removing the password

The password can be changed at any time on the Edit tour page, by pressing the Change password link under the privacy dropdown 1

If you happen to forget the password, it cannot be recovered, however you can change it to another.

In order to disable the password protection altogether, you can select another privacy mode on that page 2