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Keyboard Shortcuts

As you get familiar with the Kuula editor, you may be looking for ways to increase your productivity.

The Kuula virtual tour editor provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to speed up editing hotspots and other types of addons, such as text labels and inline images.

Below is a complete list of shortcuts available in the editor and in the viewer. The term addons refer to any type of element added to the post such as image, text label or hotspot.

Editor shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Description
Eopen editor
Ssave changes
shiftSsave changes and exit editor
Hadd new hotspot
Ladd new text label
Iadd new inline image
Gtoggle grid
hold shiftwhen selectingadd or remove from selection
ctrlclick on hotspotload the target post in the editor
Aselect all addons in the post
Ydeselect all selected addons
Xcut selected addon(s) to clipboard
Ccopy selected addon(s) to clipboard
Vpaste addons from clipboard
Bpaste addons from clipboard in place
Dduplicate selected addon(s)
backspacedetele selected addon(s)
[move selected addon(s) one layer down
]move selected addon(s) one layer up
<select previous addon
>select next addon

Viewer shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Description
orAlook left
orDlook right
Wlook up
Slook down
Rreset view back to selected heading
move to next post in tour
move to previous post in tour
spacereset zoom to default and pitch to 0°
F11toggle fullscreen view