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Sharing and embedding guide

Kuula at it's core is a platform for sharing 360 images and tours. The possibility to easily share your work with friends, colleagues and clients has always been our main focus. This is why we offer a whole range of sharing options and always work on adding more.

Share dialog

You can open the share diloag by clicking on the Share link on the right side (1). If you are viewing a virtual tour and would like to share it, click on the Share link located on the thumbnail bar. Either way, you will be presented with the share dialog which allows you to pick from available options. In virtual tour view, you will see two tabs that allow you to switch between sharing a tour or just the current post.

The options available in the Share dialog include a link to the embed editor, several most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and a text field that you can use to copy a direct link.

Occasionally we add new options in that dialog or remove old ones when they become obsolete, so next time you see this, it may look slightly different.

The Save Snapshot option is only available if you are sharing your own content (i.e. content you uploaded yourself). You can use it to create previews of images and tiny planents to post on Instagram, for example.

Direct links

Every post and virtual tour on Kuula has a unique & permament URL. It looks something like this:

/// Single post:

// Virtual Tour

You can copy this link from the share dialog or directly from the browser address bar and use it to share the content on any platform, including social media, instant messaging (Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Skype etc.), other websites (such as real estate listings, forums etc.) and simply via email or text message.

Virtual Tour links are different for each post inside the tour. So if you want to share the tour starting with the first post in the tour - click on the first thumbnail in the bar at the bottom and only then copy the URL.

Embed editor

If you click on the Embed link you will be taken to the Embed Editor for this post or tour. The embed editor includes a range of options and settings that you can adjust. After you are happy with the results, copy the embed code to use on your website, blog or real estate listing page.

The embed editor offers a range of options that are available only to Kuula PRO users. This includes VR support and custom branding. You can learn all about those options in this article.

Supported platforms

Kuula embeds are supported on every platform that supports iframe embedding, which constitutes a vast majority of popular websites and platforms, including such services as Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress*, Medium and Tumblr.

Some platforms only allow certain providers. If Kuula is not on the list - it's best to get in touch with their customer support and ask to add it. You can refer to us and send our contact info along - we are always happy to cooperate in enabling our content on 3rd party platform.

* Wordpress supports 3rd party embeds on all standalone installs, however, if you host your WP blog on, the functionality is limited and you will not be able to embed 3rd party content, which includes Kuula and many more services.