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Floor plans PRO

This tutorial will show you how to add a floor plan to your Virtual Tour and add overlay hotspots that link to the individual photos in the tour.

Floor plans - video tutorial by Best360

Uploading plans

To add a floor plan to a tour, you can simply include it in the batch when you are creating a tour. Kuula will automatically recognize which images are flat and which are panoramic.

If you already have a tour and you wish to add floor plans to it, you can do it using the Upload > Single image function.

A floor plan can be created in a variety of ways. It can be a 3d rendering of the property, a map, a blueprint or CAD drawing or even a photo of a hand-drawn sketch made with your mobile phone. At the end of this article, you can find a list of recommended services and apps.

Adding hotspots to plans

Once the plan is uploaded and added to a tour, you can add labels & hotspots to your floor plan in the same way as you would add them to a 360° photo. Here's an example of a hotspot added over a regular image, a floor plan in this case:

If you are not familiar with editing hotspots on Kuula, you can start by checking this guide to see how to add the connections in a fast and easy way.

The plan menu

For easier access, you can add the plan to the player Menu. To learn more about this feature, please look at this article.

Plans in VR headsets

Floor plans and other regular images are also supported VR headsets. Hotspots can be activated using gaze navigation.

Floor plan apps and services

There are a number of available solutions where you can order a floor plan or create one yourself. Here's list of solutions recommended by the Kuula team:

Bella Staging

Bella Staging offers services consisting of creating 2d or 3d floor plans based on submitted photos and measurements.

Cubi Casa

CubiCasa automatically generates a floor plan when you scan the property using their mobile phone application.


Floorplanner is a web based plan editor. You can use it to design and edit floor plans, both 2d and 3d, in your web browser.