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Gaze Navigation in VR PRO

Virtual Tours in VR mode can be navigated using with gaze interactions. Just look at a hotspot, wait for a short moment for the button to activate and take you to the next photo.

To access Virtual Relity mode, open your mobile browser such as Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android, go to and find the tour or photo you want to experience in VR. Once you are on the post page, click on the VR button in the bottom menu (googles symbol) and rotate your screen to landscape mode.

In Virtual Reality mode only navigational hotspots are visible - those that link to other posts in that tour - and hotspots with sounds attached to them. Hotspots that link to external URLs and those that open cards are disabled, because those features rely on HTML/CSS and this is not supported in WebXR at this time.

iPhone & iOS

The Apple iOS operating system does not support full screen mode, so sometimes you will see the address bar in landscape mode, which is not optimal for experiencing VR. Fortunately there is an easy workaround. Check this tutorial to see how to do it!