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Hotspots can be used to add interactive elements to virtual tours and 360 images.

You can add hotspots when uploading of a new photo or when editing an existing one. To edit an existing post click on Edit (pen icon) in the toolbar located in the top-right of the screen.

Hotspots can be added, edited and saved by all users. However, if you want to share a photo with hotspots, you will need a Kuula PRO subscription. Learn more

The hotspot button is located in the panel that shows up on the right side when you enter the editor.

Kuula post editor - hotspot button

Hotspot editor

Kuula post editor - editing hotspots

When you add new hotspot or select an existing one by clicking on it, a cyan frame will appear around it and the right side panel will show the hotspot editor. A dialog will appear where you can select the icon you would like to use for this hotspot.


You can change the icon by clicking on Change image link.

Kuula post editor - hotspot icon dialog


You can adjust the position of the hotspot by dragging it on the photo. You can also use the Size and Rotation sliders on the right side panel to can adjust the icon presentation.

Below are two checkboxes: Scale to Zoom will lock scaling of the image when you zoom in and out in the photo. Render as 2d forces flat rendering which prevents the hotspot from getting distorted when it's close to the edge of the screen. We recommend you to play with those settings to see what is your preference.


Next you can add a label to the icon. They are optional, you can leave this field blank. If you add a label, the buttons in this panel will allow you to select font, size, color and background color as well as how the label is aligned to the icon.

Click action

The dropdown in this section can be used to select what happens when the user clicks on the hotspot. Hotspots can have 3 types of action:

1. Go to another 360 photo

This action will take the user to another 360 photo. When you select it, a dialog will show up allowing you to select the photo to link to.

Kuula post editor - hotspot go to post dialog

Make a choice from the current tour or from any of your photos. You can also use the third tab to link to ANY post on Kuula.

Feature: Walkthrough Mode

If you connect two posts with hostspots in such a way that one hotspot leads from post A to B and another one - back from B to A, Kuula will use automatically to create a virtual walkthrough experience. Learn more about this function in this tutorial.

This means that the view will be automatically aligned as you move between pictures. If you want to see this feature in action check this featured tour.

2. Open link

With this option, clicking on the hotspot will simply open a web page in a new browser tab. After you select the Open Link option, type or copy/paste the URL into the input field that appears below it.

3. Open card

Interactive cards allow you to add more information to a hotspot. Cards can be composed of video, text, links and even other virtual tours. To create a card, choose the Open card option and click on the Edit card button that appears.

The card editor has four fields. In the first, you can paste a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video or a Matterport tour. The next text area can be used to add a text description to your card. Finally, you can add a link using the two last fields.

Hotspots that open cards or links are not currently supported in VR mode. They will work on all other devices though, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. This is due to some technical limitations of WebVR API.

Cards require HTML/CSS rendering which is not supported in WebVR and links open in new tabs, which again is not supported by browsers in WebVR. Our team is working on an alternative solution for interactive cards.

Kuula post editor - hotspot card editor

All of the elements in the card are optional. The card can be video only or video with text or text only or any other combination.

Supported media in cards

You can use any iframe as media in the card. Additionally, we support direct links for some providers, listed below.

Simply paste the iframe code provided by the service you use. In general we support embeds from any service on the web that provides iframe code. You can also embed content from your own website, if you create your own embed code. Here's an example of an iframe code from Soundcloud that would work:

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>

Please note that Javascript based embeds are not currently supported.

Additionally, direct YouTube, Vimeo and Matterport links are supported as the media sources in cards. Here are some examples of supported URLs:

Editing hotspots on mobile devices

All the editing options are also available on mobile. Simply open your mobile browser, such as Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android, go to the post you want to edit and hit the Edit (pen) button on the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the editor interface for this post.

Kuula post editor - mobile UI

Saving your work

When you feel satisfied with all the addons and edits, hit the green SAVE button in the top-right to save your changes. That's it - your post is ready to share!

If you ever need to change any of the addons, just jump back into the editor, do the changes and hit SAVE again. Happy editing!