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With Kuula you can edit and enchance your photos with elements called Addons. There are three kind of addons - stickers, text and hotspots. Stickers and text are covered in a separate article, while this one is dedicated to hotspots.

Hotspots can be added, edited and saved by all users. Only if you want to share a photo with hotspots, you will need a Kuula PRO subscription. Learn more

Hotspots are prefect for adding interactive content to virtual tours and 360 image galleries. Virtual tours and galleries are covered in this tutorial and you can see a sample tour below.

Sample Virtual Tour

You can add elements to your post during uploading of a new photo or by editing any of the existing ones. To edit an existing post click on the edit (pen) icon in the toolbar located in the top-right (desktop) or bottom (mobile) of the screen or by clicking the Edit button next to a post thumbnail on your profile.

The addon buttons are located in the panel that shows up when you enter the editor.

Kuula post editor - addon buttons


Hotspots are the most powerful addon. They offer a full set of tools to turn your 360 photos into engaging interactive presentation and virtual tours. Yet, they are very simple to create and edit and you will get familiar with the intuitive interface in no time!

Kuula post editor - editing hotspots

Hotspots are composed of an icon and an optional label. First, you can select the icon by clicking on the Change image link.

Kuula post editor - hotspot icon dialog

Do you need a specific type of icon? We are more than happy to add more icons so just let us know what you are looking for and we will add it asap!

You can adjust the icons position by dragging it around the screen. Using the Size and Rotation sliders on the right side panel you can adjust the size and rotation of the icon.

The Scale to Zoom checkbox, if checked will lock scaling of the image when you zoom in and out in the photo. Hotspots have this option checked by default, but you can change to see what you prefer. Try toggling the checkbox and use your mouse wheel or double tap on touch screens to zoom in and out.

Next you can add a label to your hotspot. Labels are pieces of text that you can place on the side of the icon. They are optional, but it's typically a good idea to add a label so that your users know what to expect when they click on the hotspot!

In the label editor you can change the color of the text using A, the background, using paint bucket or toggle bold with B. You can also change the font size and text position in relation to the icon (above, below, to the left or to the right on the icon).

Hotspots Action

The most powerful feature of a hotspot is the action you can assign to it. This is what the Click Action dropdown is for. Hotspots can have 3 types of action:

- Go to another 360 photo

Linking multiple 360 photos is the core concept of a Virtual Tour. This action will take the user to another 360 photo when clicked. When you select this option from the dropdown, you will see a thumbnail and a link saying Select Post. Clicking on that link brings this dialog:

Kuula post editor - hotspot go to post dialog

You can choose which post to link to. Make a choice from the current Collection (if you are editing one) or from any of your photos (Your posts tab). You can use the third All posts tab to link to ANY post on Kuula - whether is was posted by you or anyone else.

- Open link

If you would like to take the user to a specific page on the web after cliking on the hotspot - this is the option that will allow you to do that. It's very simple. Select the Open Link option and type or copy/paste the URL into the input field that will appear below it. When the user clicks on the hotspot, that URL will open in a new browser tab.

- Open card

Interactive cards are great to increase engagement by giving the user more information or context about elements in your photo. Card can be composed of video, text and a link. Choose the Open card option from the dropdown and click on the Edit card button.

The card editor is very simple. In the first input field, you can paste a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video. The text area below can be used to add a text description to your card. Finally, you can add a link using the two last fields:

Kuula post editor - hotspot card editor

Any of the elements in the card are optional. The card can be video only or video with text or text only or... you get it, right? Anyway, edit the card and hit save when done. After saving and exiting the editor you can click on the hotspot and this is how the card will look like:

Kuula post editor - hotspot card example

Currently only YouTube and Vimeo links are supported as the media sources in cards, but we are working on adding support for many more formats, so stay tuned! If there is a web service provider that you would like to use, let us know and we will make our best to integrate it for you!

For reference, here are examples of links that are supported:

Please use direct links to the video, not the full embed code (iframe).

All the editing options are also available on mobile. Simply open your mobile browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android), go to the post you want to edit and hit the Edit button in the bottom of the screen.

Kuula post editor - mobile UI

When you feel satisfied with all the addons and edits, hit the green SAVE button in the top-right to save your changes. That's it - your post is ready to share!

If you ever need to change any of the addons, just jump back into the editor, do the changes and hit SAVE again.

Happy editing!

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