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Website Editor Settings

This tutorial discusses various settings you can use to customize your Kuula Business website.

If you are not familiar with the website editor feature, for a complete introduction please read this tutorial first.

You can find the setting section in the editor by clicking on the Settings link in the top navigation bar. Those settings are used to:

  • Customize the color and fonts of the website → Theme
  • Change the design and content of the header → Header
  • Add extra functionality to the website → Plugins
  • Setup a custom domain → Domain

Below is an overview of the content of each tab.

1. Theme

In the Theme tab, the top select box will let you choose betwen 4 built-in themes (2 light and 2 dark) and a fully custom one.

With custom theme, you can choose a different color for each component of the page: background, text color and link color. You can also select the fonts to be used in heading, text and menu elements.

2. Header

The Header tab allows you to choose what type of header you want to see on the website. The choice is between:

  • Regular featuring a large logo, name/title, description and website link.
  • Compact featuring a small logo and the name/title only.
  • No header the header will be completely hidden.

Below the header selection box, you will find text boxes where you can information about yourself and/or your company: title/name, description, company website link and a logo.

3. Plugins

Plugins offer the most powerful features of all the settings!

With one click you can add analytics, chat modules and various lead capture tools to your website. Below is a list of currently supported plugins:

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Please refer to this tutorial for how to get the analytics id necessary to use this feature.

  • Facebook Pixel

    Facebook Pixel allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. It is similar to Google Analytics but offers better integration with Facebook ad campaings. A setup guide can be found here.

  • Facebook Messenger

    Adding the FB Messenger plugin to a website allows your visitors to chat with your business in real-time. For more information about integrating FB messenger with websites, please see this guide.

  • Drift chat

    Similar to Facebook Messenger, Drift is a cloud-based live chat and in-app messaging srervice and email management solution for sales and marketing teams. Adding Drift to your website will allow you to receive messages and chat with your visitors in real-time.

  • Sitecontrol

    Sitecontrol offers signup and lead capture as well as survey popups that will help you connnect with you visitors. The service offers a user friendly editor where you can create and configure various types of popups and add them to your website by copy/pasting the provided code snippet.

  • Sumo

    Sumo offers sharing toolbars and lead capture tools. To configure Sumo, you will need to register on their page and copy/paste the site id assigned to your account.

  • GDPR cookie consent

    You can choose to show your visitors a cookie consent form in compliance with European Union GDPR rules. After the user consents, the browser will remember their decision and not show the popup again.

4. Domain

Finally, the domain tab is where you can add a custom domain to use as your website address. Under this tab, you can also check the status of the DNS redirection and SSL certificate.

For more details regarding custom domains, DNS and SSL, please refer to this guide.