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Virtual Tours PRO

A Virtual Tour is composed of multiple 360 photos. Users can navigate between images using hotspots or thumbnails, like on the video below. Images in virtual tours can also have other interactive elements like links, text, video elements.

Creating a tour

To create a tour go the the Create Tour section from the main menu. Make sure the first tab is selected and enter a name and an optional description for the tour.

You can also select the type of animated transition used in this tour from the dropdown as well as enable the Walkthrough Mode feature. If not sure what to choose - don't worry, you can easily change this later!

You are ready to add the photos. Drag & drop files from your machine or select them from a folder by using the Select Images button. After you add the photos, you can change the order or remove some of them if you need and select the privacy level. Finally, when you are done - just hit Post.

Adding hotspots

After you post the tour, you will be taken the new tour page that looks like the screen below. From here, you can start editing the individual posts in the tour and add interactive elements such as hotpost or text labels. For a detailed tutorial on adding and editing interactive hotspots, please refer to our Hotspot Tutorial.

Adding floor plans and maps NEW

You can also add a regular, non-panoramic image to your tour: it can be a floor plan or a map, a cover image or anything else you want. Please refer to this tutorial to see how.

Managing existing tours

All the tours you create are available under the Tours tab on your profile. Every tour is marked as either public or unlisted. For an article explaining those privacy settings please refer to the Unlisted Posts & Tours tutorial.

If you wish to edit an existing tour, you can select from various editing option in the context menu - represented by the 3-dot icon.

The available options allow to rename, reorder the tour or edit the hotspots in posts that are part of the tour. Choosing reorder will take you to the screen below. You can reoder the posts using drag & drop or remove them with the red X button.

You can also delete an entire tour with Delete. In a dialog that appears, you can decide if you want to remove the tour only and leave the posts, or remove the contents of the tour as well. If you leave the posts, you can later find them in your profile.

Adding photos to existing tours

To add an existing post to a tour, use for the Collect button in the post context menu. The same button is also available on every post page - in the top left, next to Share. The same post can be added to multiple tours.

Sharing tours

To share a tour, click on the Share button located at the bottom on the tour page, as shown below. The same option is also available in the context menu on tour thumbnails.

Do I need a PRO account to create tours?

Most of the functions described above require a PRO account. This includes unlisted posts & tours, hotspots and changing the order of the posts in a tour.

If you are on the Kuula basic/free plan, you can still create tours, but the available options are limited. The Create Tour / Batch upload is limited to 5 images at a time and there is a total limit of 100 uploads every month. Also with the free plan, all hotspots are private and can't be shared publicly.

With Kuula PRO, you can create public or unlisted virtual tours with no monthly upload limits. You can also share and embed the tours with your own logo or with no branding at all.

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