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Virtual Tours

Kuula collections are very flexible and can be used for organizing your own posts or your favorite posts from others. Using collections you can also create and share virtual tours and 360 image galleries.

A virtual tour is composed of multiple images, that users can switch between using a thumbnail bar, like on the screenshot above.

Virtual tours are prefect to include in real estate listings, portfolios and on-line articles presenting 360 content. Creating a virtual tour or a gallery is easy using collections. Here's how to do it.

Creating collections

To create a collection, go to your collections tabin your profile. It's the last tab on your profile page, there's also a link in the main menu - My collections.

Once there you will see a large Create collection button - just press it and a new collection will appear below the button. Fill in the name and description fields and hit Save. You can now start adding posts to the collection.

You can make collections on the fly in the Add to collection dialog discussed below.

Adding post to a collection

There are several ways to add posts to collections. You can add a post to a collection while uploading it by clicking on the Add to collection button in the upload editor panel:

You can also add an existing post to a collection from a list page by clicking the + button located under each thumbnail.

Finally, you can add a post to a collection by navigating to this post page:

Either way you do it, clicking the Add to collection button will bring a dialog box where you can select which collection you want the post to be added to. You can select multiple collections and you can also create a new collection on the fly within this dialog box:

Another way to add posts to a collection is to use the Batch Upload function available for Kuula PRO subscribers. With Batch Upload you can add multiple photos at a time and add them all to one or multiple collections. Learn more about Batch Upload.

Sharing & embedding collections

When you added posts to your collection, it's time to share it. The collection page offers a few options including sharing on Twitter, Facebook or embedding it on a website - the latter allows to create Virtual Tours to include on your website.

Clicking on Embed will take you to the Embed Editor where you can customize the settings and generate the HTML code to embed the collection as Virtual Tour on your website.