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What is a Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is composed of several 360 panoramas. Users can navigate between images using hotspots located within the image and/or thumbnails located in the bar at the bottom, like on the video below. Images in virtual tours can also have interactive elements like links to text or video elements.

This is how a virtual tour created with the Kuula editor can look like. To see it live, click below.

Sample Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are prefect to include on a website, in a presentation, a real-estate listing or any on-line article presenting 360 content. Creating a virtual tour is easy and you can do it in a few minutes or less. Here's how to get started!

Creating a Virtual Tour

To create a tour go the the Create Tour section from the main menu. On that screen you can select a name and an optinal description for the tour, select the privacy level (Public or Unlisted) and upload all the photos.

When you are ready - just hit Post and your tour will be ready. At this point, you can edit the individual posts by adding interactive elements such as hotposts as well as text labels, images and lens flares.

All the yours you create will be available in the Tours tab on your profile. If you wish to edit an existing tour you can select from various editing option in the context menu (the three dot icon at the bottom).

If you wish to add posts to an existing tour, use for the Collect button or the photo page. The same post can be added to multiple tours.

To share a tour, click on the Share button above the thumbnails on the tour page - it's located at the bottom. The Share dialog will show up. You can share an entire tour or just the current photo.

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