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Virtual Tours PRO

With the Kuula editor you can easily create and manage Virtual Tours. Tours can be composed of 360 panoramic photos, regular photos or a mix of those two.

Whether you have shot a series of photos in a physical space (house, office, etc...) or you have rendered them using 3D software - you can upload the resulting images to Kuula and turn them into an immersive, interactive presentation.

Creating the tour

Step 1. Upload the photos

Make sure you have all the photos for the tour grouped in a folder. We recommend that you give the files descriptive names such as kitchen.jpg, bed-room.jpg or main hall.jpg instead of IMG_2847.jpg. Kuula will automatically pull those file names and use them as the post description, so you will know which photo is which. This is not always obvious by looking at the thumbnails alone.

Now, go to the Create Tour section that you can find in the top bar, under Upload or in the side menu. Make sure the first option, named Create Tour , is selected at the top and enter a name for your new tour. We also recommend adding the optional description.

Tour settings

Under the Tour Settings tab, you can select the type of animated transition used in this tour, enable the Walkthrough Mode or add a background Audio track. If you're not sure what to choose - don't worry, you can easily change them later on!

Now, you are ready to add the photos. Drag & drop files from the folder on your computer or select them from the local drive by using the Select Images button. After the photos are all added, they will show up as a grid of thumbnails.

Before posting the tour, you can change the order and edit the individual photo descriptions. This is where careful file naming pays off! You can also remove some photos if you decide you don't need them in the tour after all. When you are done, just hit the big Post button in the top right.

Step 2. Add hotspots

At this point your tour is an image gallery. You could stop here and share it right away, but it is not a fully featured Virtual Tour yet!

The next step is to add hotspots that will connect the images together into a virtual walkthrough. Optionally, you can also add hotspots that open interactive cards with additional content - photos, text, video or even another tour.

After you post the tour, you will land on the new tour page that looks like the screen below. From here, you can start editing the individual posts in the tour and add interactive elements such as hotspot or text labels.

The video below shows presents the process of crating a simpe tour consisting of 2 images:

For a detailed tutorial on adding and editing interactive hotspots, please refer to our Hotspot Tutorial.

Step 3. Share the tour

After you made all of the edits, you are ready to share the tour. There are a lot of ways to do that and it all starts with the Share button located on the left of the tour page, as shown below.

The most important sharing tool at your disposal is located under the Get link or embed code button. This is where you can customize the tour before sharing it. You can enable features such as auto-rotate or auto-play, remove the Kuula UI, add your custom branding and use many other settings.

Once you adjust the settings to your liking, you can grab a unique link to share directly via email or instant message such as Skype or Whatsapp or you can copy an embed code to add the tour to your website or listing.

Besides that, the share popup offers some "quick" options. You can copy a deep link to the tour or share the tour on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Managing the tour

After you create your virtual tour, you can edit or change any setting in it at any time. To learn more about managing your existing tours, please refer to this tutorial.

Do I need a PRO account to create tours?

Most of the functions described above require a PRO account. This includes unlisted posts & tours, hotspots and changing the order of the posts in a tour.

If you are on the Kuula basic/free plan, you can still create tours, but the available options are limited. The Create Tour / Batch upload is limited to 6 images at a time and there is a total limit of 100 uploads every month. Also with the free plan, all hotspots are private, which means you can edit them, but they will not be visible publicly.

With Kuula PRO, you can create public or unlisted virtual tours with no monthly upload limits. You can also share and embed the tours with your own logo or with no branding at all.