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Formatting Post Descriptions

Kuula is all about sharing your 360 photos with the community, so tagging and describing your work is important. If you tell the story behind your post, you can add some context to what users see. Adding tags helps them find your 360 photos. This is why we encourage everyone to add descriptions and tag their posts.

Formatting Post Descriptions

Kuula is also about simplicity. We want sharing 360 photos to be as fast and easy as possible. This is why we didn't want to clutter the user interface with separate text fields for title, description and hashtags and with buttons for text formatting - this is all nice in text editors, but in our case it felt like way too much. Instead, we added one field and we allow you to write whatever you want in there (or even leave it blank). We added however a few formattingoptions so you can beautify your descriptions.


Hashtags are great because they help other users find your picture and our search engine can understand what is in the 360 photo. We encourage everyone using Kuula to add as many hashtags as possible as long as the are relevant to your post!

Adding tags is very simple - each word starting with with a hash symbol (#) will be treated as a tag and it will be automatically indexed and formatted as a link. The most popular tags are featured on our Explore Tags page. Hashtags do not support spaces, but if you want to use multiple words in a tag and still keep it readable, you can use camel case or the underline symbol, like in the examples below:

#winter #SaltLakeCity #xmas_party

Between us, we think camel case is nicer, but really it's up to you which format you use.

Hidden #Hashtags

It's good to add as many relevant hashtags as possible. But what if you don't want to litter your description with a long list of tags? No problem - this is what hidden hashtags are for. Just add a leading minus sign (-) before the # symbol. Hidden hashtags are indexed just the same way as regular tags, but people viewing your post will not see them in the description. A hidden hashtag looks like this:


Important note: while you can use hastags in comments, comments are not taken into account by our search engine. If you want your 360 photo to be listed under a specific tag, you need to add the tag in the description.


If you want to mention another Kuula user, write his name starting with the @ symbol. A link to this users profile will be automatically created. The syntax is just like that:

@FPG @magda

Bold & italic

Besides hashtags and user links, there are a couple simple text formatting options available: bold and italic. If you would like to add a title to the description or emphasize a word or a sentence in it, you can use a bold font. Just mark the beginning and the end of the text you would like to be bold with a double star (**), like this:

**Bold text**

In a similar way, wrapping text in a single star (*) symbol, will make it italic. Like this:

*Italic text*

Editing exisiting posts

If you already posted 360 photos on Kuula and did not add a description or would like to add some extra formatting - then by all means, please do that! Throw in a few tags while you are at it too! The post description can be edited anytime. Just go to the photo page and click the pen icon under the description (you must be logged in to do this of course).

For the more curious among you, the formatting syntax we opted for is a subset of Markdown - a very popular and simple formatting language. It may seem a bit geeky at first, but it's very flexible and easy once you get used to it. We hope you like it!

Pro tip: all the above options also work when editing you bio in profile.