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Address & property information

This guide describes how to add and edit street addresses and other property data on real estate virtual tours.

Providing this information is required in order to submit the tour to certain rental listing services (see below). In all other cases, adding a street address and property information can be useful, but is not obligatory.

The street address and property information can be added to a tour in the Tour Settings under the Additional Settings tab, as shown below:

Street Address

Adding the street address as a whole is optional, but if you decide to add one, the individual fields all have to be completed. Only Unit and State/Province can be left empty if those not applicable to your case.

Property Data

Adding any property data is optional and it is not currently required by any of our partners. However you can use it to add useful information about the virtual tour.

Submitting to listing services

Kuula offers integrations with Zillow Rentals and with In order to submit a tour to those services, please make sure that:

  1. A street address in US or Canada has been added to the tour.
  2. Your account is on the Pro or Business plan.

If you add the required data and would like to submit the tour, please go to the tour page from your profile, select Share and press on the logo of the service you want to submit your tour to.

Submitted tours do not automatically appear on listings, but they are sent for review instead. In case you have any questions after submitting your tours, please use the following contact information:

Please also note that your contact information (email) will be shared with those services and they can contact you if they have any additional questions.

After submitting your tour, you will also receive an automatic confirmation to your email.

Submitting to MLS

The address and property information is not automatically added when you submit your tour to an MLS listing. In the case of MLS submissions, any property related information should be added using forms provided by your local MLS system.