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Tour Integrity

Kuula offers a lot of flexibility on how you can connect hotspots and organize your tours. You can also create multiple copies and different versions of each tour. Using these features can increase the complexity which in turn can lead to tour integrity issues.

Common problems

This article discusses system messages that you will see in the app. They are designed to help you manage tours and avoid common pitfalls, which most often include hotspots and connections:

  • Hotspots linking to posts that were deleted or removed from the tour this can lead to dead links and can impact the experience your viewers have with browsing the tours.
  • Hotspots linking to posts that are not part of the current tour It is totally ok to cross link tours or to link to a photo outside of the tour. But if this happens by accident, it can lead to some pretty ulgy issues when duplicating the tour.

One way or another, it's a good practice to check your tour before sharing it or creating copies of it.

Warnings in browse mode

The first category of warnings is shown when you are browsing the tour. You need to be logged in to your account to see them. You may see any of the following warnings and messages on the right side panel:

Here's what those mean:

  1. If you click a hotspot and see that message on the post that opens next, it means the hotspot links to a post that is part of another tour. You should go back to the previous post, enter the editor, find that hotspot and double check the post it is linking to.
  2. The next message is similar to #1, but this one tells you that the post is not part of any tour and offers an easy fix: just add this post to the current tour.
  3. In this case, the system tells you that the post was loaded in "single post" mode, but it is part of a tour and should rather be viewed within that tour. You can click on the tour name to load the post in the tour context and the message will disappear.

It is strongly recommended to keep all the hotspot connections between posts within the same tour. Please avoid linking to posts outside of the tour unless you want to cross link two or more tours.

Warnings in edit mode

There are a few additional messages that you can see when you are in edit mode. Those messages can show up in the "Action" section when you select a hotspot that is linked to another post:

  1. This message tells you that the post linked from this hotspot does not exist. It most likely was deleted after the post was linked. In this case, you have to change the link to another post or remove the hotspot altogether.
  2. In that case, the linked post is not part of the current tour. Unless this is on purpose, you should check if the hotspot should not be linked to another post instead.
  3. If you see this message in a tour that you plan to share publicly, please make sure that the linked post is correct and that it is not set to private mode, otherwise the hotspot will not load the post correctly for your viewers. If the entire tour is private or password protected, you can ignore this message.