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Short links & custom paths Business

With Kuula Business subscription, links to all your tours and photos will be available under a custom domain. That can be either your own domain redirected in DNS or a fallback domain that Kuula provides.

The fastest and simplest way to share links in your custom domain is illustrated in that tutorial. This one instead presents an advanced technique that takes an extra minute to setup, but offers better presentation options and a great deal of flexiblity!

Export a customized link

The first step is to find the tour you want to use in your profile and create a customized link to this tour with the Export Editor. Those links can have a quite lot of custom parameters that define how they look and what functions they offer. This is a great feature but sometimes the link can become quite long. Here's an example:

If you want to share a shorter and nicer looking link with your client, you can do that using the Busniess Website Editor. An additional advantage is that you can change the customization paramaters later on, without changing that link. You can also delete and invalidate the link at any time without deleting the tour itself. Here's what the link can look like: is a custom domain that we use for demo purposes. With Kuula Business, you will be using your own domain instead.

Create a custom page

With the link copied to the clipboard, head to the Kuula Website Editor, login using your Kuula credentials and follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Select New page in the top toobar.
  2. Enter a name for that page, as it will appear in the side menu.
  3. Enter the path part of the URL. In this case, we want to URL to say great_tour
  4. Mark that page as Unlisted so that it doesn't appear publicly in the menu.
  5. Choose Full window as page template.
  6. Paste the exported link in the media box and click Apply.

When done, click SAVE in the top right corner of the screen. You will see that the new page will appear in the menu on the side, with an eye icon on the side, which means that is is unlisted and only you can see it there.

The link is now ready to be shared, here's what it looks like:

Change the link

If later on you decide that the tour needs to be customized in a different way, you can go back to the Exprt Editor, export the link with new parameters and use it to replace the link in the media box on that page. The page URL will remain the same, but the underlying tour will be updated. You can even change the tour to another one.

You can also delete that page, which will render the link invalid. This will not affect the tour itself.

How to get started?

You can find more information about the Business subscription plan & features on our pricing page. If you want to get started with using your own domain, please refer to this tutorial on how to setup the DNS to point to Kuula servers.