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Click Anywhere PRO

The Click Anywhere feature allows easier navigation for people who may be new to viewing virtual tours. When this option is enabled, there is no need to click directly on a hotspot to move to another post location. Instead, the user can click anywhere and the system will move him in this direction.

Toggle with one click

The new Tour Settings tab section contains the options that globally affect the way virtual tours display. This is where you will find the new Click Anywhere toggle.

How it works?

Enabling this option will eliminate the need for precise clicks on hotspots. Instead, clicking anywhere on the panorama will activate an algorithm that calculates the nearest hotspot and loads the post linked in it. This option applies globally to all posts in the current tour.

For a live example of a tour with this option enabled, please click here.

Click Anywhere works only for hotspot actions linked to additional posts. Other hotspot actions such as cards or URL links, still require a click directly on the hotspot icon or text.

Please note that the Click Anywhere option enables moving around the tour without clicking directly on the hotspots, but there still must be hotspots placed in the tour to enable that kind of navigation.

With Click Anywhere you can hide your hotspots by reducing the Opacity of the icon to 0% or close to 0%. This will appear as if the virtual tour operates with no hotspots at all!