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Location, maps & GPS

You can add and edit geographical coordinates of each post you upload to Kuula and share it with your viewers. This tutorial shows how to edit and share location data.

Map button

When you add location data to a post and enable public sharing, it will appear in the bottom left corner of the player as shown below.

The location button will be visible on a tour even if only one of the posts in that tour has location enabled. This is an easy way to have a consistent map button across a tour without having to add each post to the map separately.

Map view

When the user clicks on that button, a map overlay will show up. The large pin on the map shows the location of the current post. The smaller dots show the location of the other posts in the collection. The small dots are clickable and they allow navigation to those other posts.

You can see the tour with that map live here: Rusack Winery Tour.

Enabling location

In the Preferences section, you can decide whether the location information for all new posts will be publicly visible. By default this setting is off to protect you from accidentally sharing private information, but you can turn it on at any time:

You can change this setting later for each post individually, by checking the Make location public box in the editor. You can find it in the Photo information section at the bottom of the editor panel:

Under the checkbox you will see a button that says Edit location. This link opens an editor window where you can change the position of the post on a map.

Map editor

In the editor, you can click & drag the map as well as use the zoom functions to pan the map to the desired location. Once you center the map on the correct location, click the "Drop Pin" icon 3

You can adjust the location of the pin by dragging it on the map.

Other ways of setting the location include using the browser geolocation feature that will center the map on your physical location. To do it, click the target icon 4. You will need to allow the browser to share your location with Kuula. Please note, that the browser geolocation is not always precise.

Another way to find the location on the map is to search for it by typing a name or address in the text box 1 and clicking the search icon 2.

You can choose several types of map styles from the drop down in the top right side of the editor 7.

Last thing before hitting save - you can adjust the map zoom level 6 and choose whether the map type should be the default map or a satellite view 5. This only defines the initial view when the user opens a map. After that, the user can change the map type or zoom level.

Note on EXIF GPS coordinates

If a photo you upload to Kuula has location information in the EXIF data, that data will be parsed and saved. To protect your privacy however, you still need to check the Make location public box in the editor before this information becomes public. You can also edit or change the location information after uploading it.

Most 360 cameras are equipped with GPS sensors that allow you to save the physical location where the photo was taken. The location data is stored in a photo in a format called EXIF tag. You can preview the EXIF data in your picture using the system photo viewers both on Mac and Windows. The location data typically looks like this:

GPSLatitudeRef N GPSLatitude 34, 38, 9.2088 GPSLongitudeRef W GPSLongitude 120, 8, 27.5526 GPSAltitudeRef 0

To check how to save GPS location in your camera model, please consult your device documentation.