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Upgrading to PRO & Business

We created Kuula PRO & Business subscriptions that offer a full range of tools to create and manage your virtual tours. We also want to make it easy to switch between plans thanks to our refund, prorating and cancellation policy.

Here's all you need to know about upgrading your Kuula account.

How to upgrade?

You can upgrade your account by going to your account settings page and filling in the form on that page.

When subscribing, you can choose to pay either with a credit card or PayPal. In case of credit card payment, we offer monthly and yearly subscriptions. With PayPal we offer the yearly subscription only.

Kuula accepts payments using most major cards on the market.

After you fill in the credit card data, your payment is processed immediately and - if succesful - your subscription will begin immediately will auto-renew on every period end, monthly or yearly, unless you cancel it.

For PayPal payments, please allow up to 12 hours for processing. To speed this process up, please specify your Kuula user name and/or email used on Kuula in the payment note.

Credit Card Security

The credit cards payments with Kuula are processed by Stripe. Your credit card data is never stored or processed by Kuula. Instead, it is sent directly to Stripe from your browsers using an industry standard encyption is used to make sure it is safe.

PayPal Security

PayPal payments are handled entirely by PayPal and, similar to Stripe, Kuula doesn't get access to any data related to your PayPal account other than your name, email and address present on the receipt.


If you are unsatisfied with the upgrade and wish to obtain a refund, please let us know within a week (7 days) of subscribing. We do not offer refunds after 7 days of subscription, but you can cancel the subscription at any time.


With the purchase of the annual plan a discount is applied.


All receipts are emailed to you after we charge you for the Kuula Pro account subscription. If you can’t find them, please contact us and we will send them to you again.

Switching subscription plans

You can switch between the PRO and Business subscriptions at any time on your account settings page.


When you change your plan during a billing cycle, a proration is applied on your next invoice. For example, if your subscription is billed on the first day of the month and you change to a more expensive plan mid month, you'll receive a credit for the unused portion of the old plan and will only be billed for the remainder of the month for the new plan. If you switch to a less expensive span, the unused portion of the old plan will be used as credit for subsequent charges in the new plan.

That way you can safely switch back and forth between plans and never pay twice!

Ending the subscription

You can cancel your subscription anytime by going back to your account settings page. For a detailed guide on cancelling and downgrading your account, please read this article.

Get Kuula PRO

If you have any questions about your order please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help you!