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VR on Android Chrome

The Chrome browser on Android devices has a native WebVR support that offers great rendering quality and performance for Virtual. If you have an Android device, it's worth making sure that you take advantage of this API.

Native WebVR view on Android Chrome. Image credit: Island Imaging

How to enable WebVR?

WebVR is very new, it is still not available in the browser by default. Instead it is availabke behind a flag. In order to enabled WebVR, type the following into the browser address bar:


On the screen that will show up. use the top search bar to find the webvr flag and set it to Enabled like on the screen below. The browser will then ask you to relaunch the app.

Once relaunched, you can go to any post or tour on Kuula and open it in VR modeby tapping the VR goggles icon at the bottom of the screen to enjoy WebVR at it's best.


Kuula VR mode will work regardless whether WebVR is enabled or not, but - as mentionned above - enabling this option offers certain advantages in terms of performance and rendering quality.

However, on some devices, WebVR might not work properly or it may not be stable. If this is the case, simply follow the instructions above and disable this flag.

In the future, the Chrome browser on Android will have WebVR enabled by default. Until then you can experiment and see what option works best for you. Happy VR'ing!