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Background Audio PRO

To make your tours more attractive and fun, you can add a music loop playing in the background. Like everything in the Kuula, we designed it to be easy.

To add an audio loop, open a tour and click on the Edit Tour button located above the thumbnail bar. You can also access the collection editor by selecting the same option from the context menu (three dots) on any tour in the Tours tab in our profile.

Once in the collection editor screen, you can add the audio background by clicking on the Select Audio link.

This will bring the media library dialog where you can select the audio from a list of uploaded files or upload a new one. To upoad a new file, select the +Add new tab on the top of the dialog and upload a file from your drive.

Currently supported format is mp3 with a maximum file size of 5 Megabytes (5MB). If loop your file is too large you can trim it in a audio editor, such as the free program called Audacity. If you want to compress your audio file, you can also use Audacity or one of the online compressing services such as MP3 Smaller. The recommended compression quality is around 80kbps.

Once you upload and select the audio you want to use, click SAVE in the collection editor. When you go to your tour now, the music will start playing automatically. You will also notice a speaker icon appear in the top right of the screen (or bottom on mobile). This button can be used by your users to mute the sound.

On Apple iOS, the sound will only start after you first interact with a post in a tour. This is because Apple enforces user interaction before playing any media.

Be considerate

Adding audio to a tour is a great way to make users notice your tour. However, if the music is too loud or intensive, this might actually turn off users instead. Please be considerate and choose a nice, easy to listen background audio clips! :)