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Batch Upload PRO

If you are a Kuula PRO user, you can use Batch Upload to upload multiple photos at a time.

You can either create a new collection, add the posts to an existing collection or simply drop them all to your profile. Below is a short tutorial explaining all interface elements, but you can start by watching this short (40 sec) video showing the entire workflow:

Batch Upload can be accessed from the main menu located in the top left corner.

Once you get to the section, you will see the above interface elements. You can click on Select Images which will open a system file picker - now simply select all the files you want to include in the batch and click Open.

Once added, Kuula will start processing and uploading the images one-by-one. Depending on your network speed and the size of your files, this might take up to a minute. You can monitor the progress by checking the status bar on individual photos.

While you wait for the assets to be uploaded to Kuula, you can edit your batch upload.

1 You can add all the images in the batch to a collection by clicking on the link on the right. This will bring a collection dialog, where you can choose between existing collections or create new ones. The photos can be added to multiple collections at once.

2 You can also set the privacy level using the Public and Unlisted toggle buttons. The privacy level applies to all the images in the batch.

3 If you don't want a photo in the batch after all, use the Remove button to delete it from the batch. The preview will be removed and that photo will not be posted.

4, 5 You can arrange the photos in the batch in any order you want. This order will reflect the order they will be posted in the collection, if you choose any, and in your profile. The topmost photo will be the first one in the collection and the first one in your profile.

On mobile use the Up and Down arrow buttons to re-arrange the order. On desktop, you can change the order by simply dragging & droping the tiles.

You can also edit the description for each photo in the text field below each image preview.

6 When all the photos are uploaded - the Post All will turn orange. This means that, if you are happy with all the settings, you can post your batch!

Batch upload doesn't offer all the functions that regular upload does - like setting filters, lens flares or creating tiny planets. It's focused on speed and simplicity instead. However, all the photos can be individualy edited later, after they have been posted.

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