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Export Editor PRO

If you are a Kuula PRO user, you can access several special features when you embed your 360 photos on a website.

To access the Export Editor, go to any post or tour, click Share and when the popup window with sharing options shows up, select Export.

You will be taken to the Export Editor, which looks similar for both single posts and tours. The PRO features available are same for both types of embeds.

You can find the PRO features at the bottom of the editor - just scroll down the page. The available options look like this:

  • Enable VR

    - this option will add a VR button in the top left corner of the embed next to the fullscreen button. It allows users to view the embedded photo in Virtual Reality headsets by displaying is in full, split screen (stereo) mode.
  • The VR option is available for both Android and iOS devices. On Android, the photo simply goes fullscreen and renders in split screen (stereo) mode. On iOS unfortunately, Apple does not support fullscreen mode - which makes VR harder to simulate.

    To get around this limitation, on iOS the Kuula player will open a new window with the photo filling the entire screen. The user can rotate it and get a VR view this way.

    If, for any reason, you prefer to avoid having a new window open to display the VR mode, you may choose to disable this behavior by unchecking the Enable VR on iOS button.

    If Apple ever decides to support fullscreen on iOS, we will update this functionality!
  • Hide INFO button

    - PRO users can hide the button that shows the photo credits. If you use this option in conjunction with disabling fullscreen and the "No logo" option, you can create a fully chromeless player - with no UI and branding at all!

  • Logo

    - the Logo dropdown offers three choices. You can (a) choose to display the Kuula logo, (b) use a custom logo, that you upload in the field below this one or (c) use no logo at all.
  • If you use a custom logo and you added a website URL in your profile - the logo will link to that page.
  • Custom logo

    - use the update/change button to upload a new custom logo or change the existing one. The box will show you a preview of the logo and, if you change the logo, it will also update in the live embed preview to right side of the page. Note that live preview is only available on desktop.
  • You can use one logo per account. Changing the logo in the Export Editor will change the logo on all existing embeds.
  • Logo size

    - you can adjust the size of the logo using this slider.

Once you are happy with the settings, copy the code from the text box on the left size of the screen and paste it into the HTML editor on your website. On mobile the box can be found on the bottom of the screen, so simplt scroll all the way down.

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